1. Mr NCT

    Part Simple Staggerwing 3D printed parts 2022-08-15

    Cowl, struts and landing gear panel for Simple Staggerwing. I'm finding that the cowl needs some light weight filler on the curve in front as it prints kind of rough. Struts are purely ornamental and should be printed with what Cura calls a brim to keep the pointy parts from lifting. Printed the...
  2. Mr NCT

    Simple Beech Staggerwing

    While I'm down sick (not covid but feel rotten) I thought I'd start on a "simple" style Staggerwing like the FT Simple Cub. It also gives me more time to work with Fusion 360. Hope you appreciate the self control it took not to title this thread "Staggerwingly Simple" or "Simply Stagger(w)ing".