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  1. S

    Final Answer for 4S Beef

    Iam surfing internet for a while now and cant find final answer for my question. Can I power Beef (GT2215/09) with 4S battery ? Josh said on show that you should never use propeller bigger than 9x4,5 on 4S but on which motor ? Iam newbie from Slovakia and I have built several FT models now...
  2. Centus

    Modification to FT Flyer for THE BEEF

    Hi all, Newbie to R/C flying and Flitetest here! I'd like to show y'all my FT Flyer build that I just finished last night which includes a simple but hopefully worthy modification. Quick backstory, last week I built my first foamie (a FT Mustang) from the speed-build kit. It went really well...
  3. RcMatt

    FT 3d "Beef" Power Plant

    Has anyone had success in using the "beef" (GT2215/09) using the 10x 4.7 prop as mentioned by Mr. Bixler? And also what esc did you use? Is 25amp enough? -Thanks