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bevel cut

  1. utnuc

    new bevel cut method: hot wire

    I'm getting ready to start my third FT plane build, and I have to say the most difficult part of the process is getting the bevel cuts right. Bixler makes it look so easy to get those perfect freehand 45 degree bevel cuts with a sharp razor blade. My experience was that I'd dangerously hack away...
  2. B

    PERFECT Bevel Cuts, Thanks to my 3D printer.

    So like many others after drooling over how easy flitetest makes scratch build look, I decided to ripe apart some 10+ year old planes, and a few trips to Amazon, and had everything I needed. I started building my plan and when I tried to make my first bevel cut, it looked like I tossed it to a...
  3. R

    How to get an easy 45 degree bevel

    Just something I wanted to share along with other builders out there. I found a very easy way to get my bevel cuts when making my KF airfoils and just wanted to pass it along.