bind problem

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    tinyhawk s bind

    Hi, I'm a beginner drone rider, and I bought a "tinyhawk s" drone and "devo 7" on sale, and even though I found the bind button under the drone, it still don't want to connect to devo 7. Can anyone advise me how to do it? and is it possible at all?
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    Bidding to a F4U Corsair

    Hi all, A while ago I had bought a F4U Corsair RTF model and unfortunately crashed it to disrepair. Recently I picked up the version of plane but with the only difference being that the new model is a BNF. Right now I am having troubles binding the new plane to my DX4e transmitter. I am...
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    Rookie Problem 2 receivers 1 transmitter

    Hey, I've difficulty explaining my "problem", but I'm trying the best I can. So now I'm tinking on also buying a plane/glider, I want to buy the Phoenix 1600 PNF from hobbyking. So I only need an extra battery, receiver, and transmitter, so my question is that I already have a transmitter (the...