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    2015 New FPV Camera For Your Drone

    Hi there, I'm wondering if there are any cameras out there that are probably around $200 that are equavalent to the Go-Pro. I'm not looking for crystal clear 4K, as this if more of a safety thing more youtube videos. I find one camera: Blackview DV800B, it seems decent. Has anybody used...
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    Blackview DV800B FVP Camera

    Blackview DV800B FVP Camera Video Resolution: 2560*1080/30fps,2360*1296/30fps ,1920*1080/60fps,1280*720/120fps Lens: 170 wide angle LCD:1.5'' 480*240 HD LCD DSP:Ambarella A7LA50 is better than hero 3 Sensor:OV4689 ......