1. Jonny Gum

    80" Bonanza A36 (1/5 Scale)

    My most recent project has been adapting an old balsa design into foamboard, arrows, plywood, and balsa. It will use the FT Monster Radial Motor with a 16x8x3 prop (scale size), and will feature retracts, flaps, and scale lighting. I'm trying out a couple new construction techniques with this...
  2. L

    Solved FS-i6 V-Tail mixing

    I'm trying to set up a Durafly Bonanza with my TGY-i6 (identical to the FS-i6, so I'll just call it that) so I turned on the v-tail mixing, but it's backwards, up and down movement controls the rudder and left and right controls the elevators. There is no option to reverse this and I'm flying...
  3. DutchRC

    HobbyKing / Durafly Beechcraft M35 Bonanza

    Halloa people :) Soooo a couple of days ago HobbyKing released themselves this nice (I tihnk) new plane huh :D I must say I wanted one from the moment I saw it pop up in a video a couple of months ago.. Nice lookin no-fuss park flier I'd say.. So.. I ordered one and it actually arived the Next...