1. PenguinWings

    Researchers trying to input aircraft orientation through TOUCH!

    I just watched this TED talk on human sensory perception, and it seems like this guy is trying to design a system for inputting any kind of information straight to the brain through touch receptors. One of the examples he uses is sending the orientation of a quadcopter to the pilot, allowing him...
  2. K

    ZMR 250 Brain Fpv build

    Parts Brainfpv flight controller Dys 1806 2300kv x4 motors Dys 20 amp opto escs x4 Mini h quad zmr 250 pdb Zmr 250 frame TX5G6R video transmitter Smc 600 camera Taranis radio with X8R QUANAM V2 goggles RX5GR av receiver I have my motors connected to my escs ad my escs connect to the power...