1. DutchRoll

    FTFC20-Build-Ruary: Main Entry by DutchRoll

    Build Skill: 2, Pilot Skill: 0.75 (Crashed 8 times, max distance 3/4 of a circuit, no landings) FT-Mini Tiny Trainer - Cause my Simple Soarer died before it even lived. Build Photos FT-Mini Corsair - I want a warbird, and I need practice with round fuselages Build Photos FT-Bloody Wonder -...
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    My “Big Bravo” ready to go!
  3. F


    Hello I tried this earlier but no one seemed to be interested but I wanna try one more time. I have had this idea for a while to try and build more of the swappable jets and i figured since there are three letters of the phonetic alphabet for the first 3 jets (alpha, bravo, charlie), why not...
  4. F

    FT ALPHA, BRAVO, CHARLIE continuation

    FT ALPHA, BRAVO, CHARLIE group project Hello I'm FlyingEngineer I've had this idea ever since Flite Test released the Alpha Bravo And charlie (abc for short). The idea is if we have three letters of the phonetic alphabet as different prop and slot jets with interchangeable wings, why not make...