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build kits

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    more builds to come!
  2. T

    An original Berkley Kit

    I have an old Berkley Models "Zilch X-pendable" and i am wondering how much it is worth. The kit is original and has all the parts with it. The balsa wood has been taken out of the sheets but the wood is still in great condition. I got the kit from my dad, who got it from an aunt who bought it...
  3. MarioGdV

    Piper Cub J-3 Build Log

    Hi! As the title says, I'm going to build my first balsa kit, a 1200mm Piper Cub J3. It's definitely a bad choice for a first kit, since it's from Banggood, but I've read the instructions and I think it doesn't seem that hard. However, I can always ask you for help if I need it (I will). The...
  4. F

    behind the scenes suggestion, Laser cutting

    Hi, I've been watching your videos for a couple of months now (all of them!) and the one thing I don't think you have covered is the laser cutting of your kits. I know I'm interested how the laser works when cutting different materials like the that used for the "Batbone" or the wooden...