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  1. Snarls

    Build Log: Butter Kwad Inspired Budget Build

    A couple months ago Rotor Riot started promoting the 'butter kwad,' a six inch alien with two blade props. Well I don't know if butter kwads took off beyond the couple of rotor riot videos, but I had been thinking about going back to six inch props. After building my 220 martian, my ZMR250...
  2. T

    Too Much Butter?

    https://youtu.be/afQkX04Er18 Lastest edit, had alot of fun working on this one. I suggest some headphones, and I really hope you guys enjoy. Please leave some feedback good or bad!
  3. Andre

    098 The FAA debacle

    098 The FAA debacle Join Chris,Wayne,Mike and special guest Fred Provost as they discuss the biggest topic in the RC flight community,the Federal Aviation Administration's new small UAS Registration rule. Make sure to check out the article that Austin posted called FAA RC registration FAQ for...