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  1. R

    Rice field Bali ripping!

    Rice field Bali ripping! Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/ramatri..._as=subscriber Supported by : www.tokoheli.com www.e-hely.com www.rpisg.com Impulse Alien 4.5 KISS FC (RC30 Dshot600) KISS 24a Cobra Motor 2207 2450kv Immersion Tramp HV Runcam Swift 2.5mm GoPro 1 lens HQ 5x4x4 Glass...
  2. Snarls

    Snarls 250 Summer Quad - Performance ZMR Build

    Hi everyone, for this summer I am planning to add a mini quad to my small arsenal of RC gear. I am hoping to get pretty serious with this new quad as well as with my 550mm spider quad with gimbal. Due to it currently being my first year in college I have only been able to log a handful of flight...
  3. Robbie

    What would you say the upward Ampere tolerance of 18A kiss ESCs

    To run cobra 2208s 6045 4S is quoted by RotorGeeks at 24As of current at 100% throttle, i am curious to see whether Kiss ESCs could take this or more?
  4. Snarls

    Mini Quad Motor kv

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of a lower kv motor vs. a high kv motor for a mini quad. For instance, the Cobra 2204s come in 1960kv and 2300kv. I thought everyone was leaning towards 2000+kv, but then I saw that Charpu uses 1960kv Cobras in the latest FT episode. Are lower kv motors...