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connection problem

  1. StevenWinnen25

    Help! HELP!!! Turnigy 9x Connection problems

    Hi, I’ve been trying to fly my ft sparrow and new ft mini mustang yesterday and today but I’m having trouble with the connection. I’m using the same receiver for each plane, I’m just swapping it between the two. The receiver is the 8ch one that comes with my Turnigy 9x. With the sparrow I would...
  2. J

    Naze 32 PC Connection problems

    I recently got a RTR Eachine Falcon 250 Pro, VR-007s and absolutely love them! The problem I have though is that I cant change PIDS, rates, and flight mode switches easily. I can use a USB cord to connect to a PC (Win 10, have tried with others, same result) and it works (cleanflight) for about...