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control horns

  1. ServoCity

    $10 Grab Bags Galore

    Chance for a steal of a deal! We're clearing out some of our inventory at a massive discount. Every bag is at least a minimum of a $40 value for a bargain of only $10! Each Grab Bag is completely unique and random (while supplies last)! Below are just a few of the many items your bag could...
  2. landedit

    Control Horn help

    Hey all, I recently got into a debate on control horn setup. I was under the impression that having the push rod in the top/highest slot in the control horn would give the most throw, and moving it down the control horn would decrease the throw. However, when I sat down and looked at it, if...
  3. F

    Flite Test control horns template

    Hi All, I would like to make some control horns the same as the FT guys make, would anyone happen to have a template of these I can print out and use? I found something in this post http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?4763-Control-horns-template/page2 but I was looking for the exact size...
  4. ktmrocks

    How long does it take to get an order from Flite Test? Bad Customer Service?

    How long does it normally take to get an order from Flite Test? I live in the Pacific Northwest, and I placed an order for some firewalls and control horns on Monday. It seems that either I entered my email address wrong or FT recorded it wrong in their records. Anyway, I never got a...