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    Can someone help with my FPV?

    I have a Cheerson CX-20 Quadcopter with a gimbal and a Xiaomi Yi camera. the Camera has an AV out option which I'm guessing can be used for fpv? can anyone suggest what parts i need to be able to use FPV? i want to use a screen attached to my controller.
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    FPV help needed

    I have a Cheerson CX-20 quadcopter and i recently bought the FatShark PredatorV2 RTF FPV Headset System w/Camera and 5.8G TX system from hobby king, and when i went to fly it this morning my quad kept loosing signal or something and crash 4 times and i have flown there many times before without...
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    Quanum Nova (Hobby King) problem

    I took my Quanum Nova out today for a maiden flight. I have been into RC planes for years. This is my first quad. So, I'm a newbie again! In manual mode everything is fine. It works beautifully. When I use stable mode everything except throttle response works as expected. When I land and push...