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    I am looking to buy a pair of quanum cyclops fpv goggles and I was wondering if there was a way to be able to record the down link from the goggles so I can go back and watch the footage. How would I be able to do that? Please help.
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    Cyclops OSD - RTH and Altitude Hold

    Hi All, I'm running version 1.1 of the OSD and plane isn't gaining altitude when switching to RTH. I have settings RTH ALT at 200 ft and RTH ALT HOLD set to N. With these settings, if plane is below 200 ft and RTH is enabled, the plane should immediately gain altitude, correct? From manual...
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    GPS connection problems help

    I am just getting into fpv and I have run into a snag. I have major issues with My GPS, I am running Cyclopes OSD 1.5 and a 400mw 1.2 GHZ video system with a low pass filter and the only way I can get any GPS signal is by removing the OSD and GPS from the plane and moving the GPS as far from the...