dead cat

  1. Freeshot74

    Where to place flight control

    Hello! I'm working on developing my third multicopter. The first was a classic X configuration. The second was an H-configuration. Both flew very well but had shortcomings when it comes to flying with camera and other things. Now I have come to the conclusion that I should build one with the...
  2. I

    APM and "Dead Cat" Frame

    On the episode where they introduce the Electrohub kit, Bixler mentioned that APM has a specific configuration for "dead cat" style (also known as "spider")quadcopters. Does anyone know what setup he is talking about? I can only see +,X, and V. I've tried mine in X mode but it seems suboptimal.
  3. S

    Cat Copter - so wrong but still so interesting

    So I was watching the news tonight and I saw a flying cat... I had to laugh, yet still feel sorry for the cat that was hit by a car. I guess the silver lining in all of this is, that the cat will forever be able to chase the birds in his 10th life as a quadcopter! :)...