1. D

    If anyone needs cut Vinyl decals

    If anyone needs cut Vinyl decals I have a Vinyl Express Q100 48 in wide machine and can cut from small items such as Business card size letters or objects to Semi Truck Vinyl decals. I have quite a few colors in stock of the 5 year 3 mil vinyl which is thicker but not too bad and can get the 7...
  2. G

    How I make waterproof self adhesive decals for my models

    This may already be common knowledge, I thought I'd post the method I use to make decals for my models. I'd also be interested in how you make yours. I am aware of the inkjet printable decal paper, but as it needs overcoating, i've tended to avoid it. Step 1. Find or design your graphic...
  3. Fledermaus

    Anyone have a .eps .tif .psd or other high quality copy of the Flite Test logo/s?

    I'd love to make a few stickers for the Swapables I'm about to build. Not to mention my laptop, radio, etc.