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drone flying

  1. BlueK

    Spent two weeks on improving my Video edit skills and made a little Race Drone Edit

    The last three weeks the weather here was really bad, so sadly no flying so I used the grounded time to watch over 100hours of video edit tutorials and put together this little clip it is a cinematic edit (only 24fps) cinema bars and so on, in a Race drone Edit out of my footage from the last...
  2. BlueK

    FPV Cloud Surfing | GoPro Hero 7 Black Hypersmooth!?

    Cloud Surfing with my quadcopter, it was a super windy day but a good test day for my my new gopro7 the hypersmooth stabilisation works good but not perfect you can see some glitches
  3. CatholicFlyer

    Just Saw This Video On US House In Congress Trying To End RC Flying

    Hey everyone, I just found this video from yesterday, I guess the FAA and the Department of Defense and the House in Congress had a meeting on RC Flying, it doesn't sound good, so I will post the video of the review on the meeting.