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    Ft trainer uk build

    I'm returning to flying after a 6 year break and I was not that good before hand so as you can imagine I was not that confident, so I thought I would build the trainer great fun as I've never built like this before. As anyone in the UK knows we don't have Adams foamboard here so I used west's...
  2. A

    RC events in England?

    I have seen all the flying events that go on in the USA but haven't had much luck with finding events in England for electric aircraft and FPV. I only seem to be able to find events for massive expensive gas planes where I don't think my little race quad and ft arrow and versa will fit in. Does...
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    FPV Spanky Workshop

    Hi All, Going over some old footage I found this quick flight I got the chance to do around a metal workshop here in Devon. At the far end of the room I got quite a bit of break up in the video signal due to all the high power equipment which was very RF dirty but the still air inside the...