1. Jart - Lost Foam Fuselage - Second Layer Glass and Carbon

    Jart - Lost Foam Fuselage - Second Layer Glass and Carbon

    On the first layer i did a couple days ago i 77'd the inside of the cloth. It sticks really well, actually let me wrap the fiberglass around the edges, so th...
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  7. Archimedian

    Balsa FT Trainer plus ram air, eliptical wing, and springs

    This plane was the second balsa airframe to carry the electronics from the FT Tiny Trainer. The goal was a comparable flight regime with landing capability. Fuse is box construction. The angled air scoop is of low efficiency, but adds structural rigidity for the castoring nosewheel which...
  8. R

    Scratch-build Glue Suggestions?

    Hey guys, I'm going to be getting into my first scratch build in a week or so, do you guys have any recommendations about glues for Adams ("dollar tree") foam board? I was thinking about using hot glue, but I have two concerns with it. If the hot glue has too low a melting point, it may pull...