1. UnfocusedZeus39

    DTFB Extra 330 sc scratchbuild

    Hi guys and gals, I've been building out of foam board for a couple of years now and after building the Edge a few times I decided to try my hand at making my own set of plans. I'll try to keep everyone updated and I'll definitely release the plans when I've worked out the kinks. I've been...
  2. C

    Wanted: 1 Powerpod & Firewall

    Hey guys, I would like a power pod with the firewall, just one, so if any of you have an extra power pod after buying a few kits, just reply to this thread. Will pay shipping. Thank you very much! ~Sean
  3. C

    'Extra' fun!

    After what has seemed like ages, the 2geeks are back! Kyle returns with full throttle (literally) and the Geeks have a blast ripping of the sky (and grass) with Kyle’s Extra 300. Enjoy!
  4. L


    Hey Guys! I am new to flitetest forums. I just purchased a parkzone extra 300 and am in need of some help.. I am an intermediate skill pilot. On the maiden flight I dont think the battery was in the correct location for CG and the plane tipped over and took a nose dive at 20ft. I am an...