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  1. WindWalkerFPV

    Best Crashes/Close Calls 2016-Present

    Best Crashes/Close Calls since I started flying RC. Please subscribe I will be posting more videos regularly.
  2. WindWalkerFPV

    Innovative RC (New Crash/Close Call Compilation)

    Check out my Youtube channel.. It has some great fixed wing content showing scratch built designs epic crashes and RC product recommendations. Please subscribe I will be posting more crash/close call videos in the future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12VjfU1DnCs&t=25s
  3. A

    2m sailplane fail

    As a project last summer, I made a balsa 2m sailplane. It was very nicely built and finished, all blue and white. I hand-cut all the pieces with an exacto knife. Then, I used CA to clue it all together. I finished it off with a blue solarfilm heat shrink covering. I tested the CG in the living...
  4. Croom

    RC Car Jump

    What I am doing when not flying RC planes or if it is too windy: Sorry about the quality! My friend edited this on windows movie maker with a crappy camera..