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  1. Captain

    Raphael Pirker - Thorn in the side of the FAA, Ruining their 2014.

    Couldn't find a place for this on the forum, but thought It may be an interesting read for some and a topic for discussion! Raphael Pirker, Commercial drone pilot who was fined $10,000 for undertaking a 'reckless' flight using a foam unmanned aircraft (I would call it a drone but I'm not fond...
  2. DejaD

    Fined for FPV flight

    I saw on XJET's youtube channel that Trappy from Team Blacksheep has been fined by the FAA for doing an FPV flight for which he was paid by the institutin that he was flying over... The video said he is going to fight it in court. Just wondering what people are thinking about this. Bruce raises...