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  1. J

    Custom Tiny Whoop Build (I need Advice)

    First off: I have a FlySkyI6 TX, and don't have the money to buy a different one. I also have a 250 quad and an Eachine QX70. My QX70 is really fun to fly, but it has it's quirks, its a little under powered, and incredibly fragile. (Held together by hot glue and hope) I really wanted a torrent...
  2. dmaximob

    New to FT Builds - Problem Securing Power Pod

    Hi all, I am new to scratchbuilding and have an issue that has perplexed me. I can't seem to grasp how the power pod is supposed to slide in and be secured in the slots in the foam board AND onto the skewer dowels in the front at the same time. I built the FT Mustang and really struggled when...