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flite fest 2014

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    Flite Fest 2014 - Lost Mini Quadcopter

    Flite Fest 2014 was amazing - such a well run event for the first (an hopefully not the last) big event put on by the Flite Test team (of course help from all the great volunteers). You will not find overall a nicer group of people at such a large gathering - I don't think you could ask for...
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    Flite Fest Eagle, 7-31-14 Word of Encouragement

    Thinking about the eagle shaped plane I saw at Flite Fest 2014 brought me to this frame of mind this morning. I hope this blesses someone out there. Isaiah 40:31 (ESV) "but they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not...
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    Connected Through Flite

    I thought it was about time that I got into the "forum world." After meeting many of the Flite Test fans, and being blessed to minister to many of you, I want to thank everyone that came out to the chapel service Sunday. Seeing the number of you committing your morning to the hearing and...