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fpv drone

  1. DutchRC

    Hubsan's easy entry into FPV Drone Flying

    Halloa people :) sooo.. what are your experiences with Hubsan? Maybe you've never had one eventhough they Are pretty popular :) To me Hubsan is a value brand in the entry-level quad flying arena.. All Hubsan quads I've flown required only a minimum of prior knowlidge of quads, at a reasonable...
  2. J

    A different RTF Racing Drone - VIFLY R220

    VIFLY R220 is a 100% ready-to-fly FPV Racer, no assembly, no calibration, just fly it out of the box. We employed a brand new unified body design which makes the drone a compact design with an amazing anti-crashing performance. We have also added many smart designs such as a LED display to show...