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fpv goggles

  1. _sOnGoKu_

    FPV Goggles FuriBee VR 01 - 40 CH + Raceband - DUO antenna - Nice & cheap ones!

    Hello friends, today I open this thread to share with you my first experience with FPV Googles. I have beem long flying drones but I have never tried FPV with glasses, especially for its high price. Finally, it seems that they are getting cheaper , which makes it possible to enjoy FPV For quite...
  2. A


    I am looking to buy a pair of quanum cyclops fpv goggles and I was wondering if there was a way to be able to record the down link from the goggles so I can go back and watch the footage. How would I be able to do that? Please help.
  3. G

    First Set of FPV Goggles

    Hi everyone, I am wondering if the Teleporter V4 Video Headset with Head Tracking would be a good first set of FPV goggles? And if not, any recommendations would be greatly appriciated! Thanks!
  4. C

    Beginner FPV parts recommendation? (For the long run)

    Hi Guys! So I've been looking around and have been planning on getting my own FPV setup sometime this summer. I was hoping I could get everyone's $0.02 on what I should get and what to steer clear off. So my requirements are as follows: 1) No long distance flying, just scenic shots and fun...
  5. RoyBro

    New Entry Level RTF from Fat Shark Starting at $200

    New TeleporterV3 starts shipping next week. For about $200 USD the TeleporterV3 includes a wireless QVGA headset, 250mW TX, headset battery and 720p PilotHD camera (with live AVout). It has a unique zoom feature that crops the black bars off the 16:9 AV out image to enjoy full large screen...