ft models

  1. mayan

    Part FT Model Image for OpenTX / EdgeTX 2.0

    The model images for all the FT models ready to upload onto your OpenTx transmitter, enjoy!
  2. mayan

    Part List of all the FT Models with electronics required 25-12-2021

    When I started out with the FT builds I was missing a place where I can just look to see what electronics I need for the build and what builds can use the same electronics so I made this list which includes all the details that I could gather for every model FT ever put out. Hope I didn’t miss...
  3. FT Charlie

    FT Charlie

    After crashing the last one in less than 10 seconds I had to build a new one.
  4. New Mini Arrow

    New Mini Arrow

  5. FT Charlie

    FT Charlie

  6. mini sparrow

    mini sparrow

  7. mini sparrow

    mini sparrow

  8. Mini Arrow

    Mini Arrow

  9. Mini Arrow

    Mini Arrow

  10. Simple Soarer

    Simple Soarer

  11. Tiny Trainer 4 Channels at the field

    Tiny Trainer 4 Channels at the field

  12. Tiny Trainer 4 Channels

    Tiny Trainer 4 Channels

    Decided to give my Tiny Trainer a paint job
  13. Versa Wing

    Versa Wing

  14. Tiny Trainer 2 Channels glider

    Tiny Trainer 2 Channels glider

    My second FT build
  15. Simple Cub

    Simple Cub

    My very first FT build
  16. M

    Which FT Airplanes Go With These Electronics?

    I have a few electronics packs of the same type put together, and I'm wondering which FT airplanes are compatible with them. Each electronics pack contains: 1x 2200kv 342W Motor (weight: 50 grams) 1x 30A ESC (with 5V/2A BEC) 4x Micro Servos (9g/1.5kg/0.10sec) 4x 50cm Servo Leads 1x 6x4E...