ft seaduck

  1. Mzaher

    Part Hatch Latch 2023-10-28

    If you print this at 80% works well on the FT Sea Duck Hatch also.
  2. 0112190928c_resized.jpg


    FT Seaduck
  3. 0112190927a_resized.jpg


    FT Seaduck
  4. J

    Sea duck

    Here is a sea duck i have been working on. Time for some weathering with the ol' airbrush.
  5. W

    Hello I need some Advice!

    I am new to flying non toy grade craft. I bought a FT Seaduck and am looking for a radio that will work for it properly. I want to keep it kind of cheap (less than 100). I am looking at the Turnigy 9x or the Spektrum DXe. The reviews for them seem all over the place but they seem to have the...