"ft simple cub" scratchbuilt

  1. M

    My simple cub

    well this is the simple cub i was able to build from scratch its my first ever build so its not perfect but it can fly i think it can i didn't gave it dihedral the setup im using is a 40 amp esc a 2200 mah battery A2212 1400 kv motor along with 9g servos and a 10 inch prop i would really...
  2. agupt108

    FT swappable plane plans

    I was looking through the swappables and I saw in the free pans ther is a full sizes, tiled b and tiled A size plans with different sizings. Which one should I use for printing on 8.5 x 11 inch paper? example (ft cub): https://www.flitetest.com/articles/ft-simple-cub
  3. A

    Help! Will my plane be underpowered? (CUB)

    I will be stratch building my first plane the simple cub... I have a 2212 8T 1800kv motor with 2200mah 3S battery... I am planning on using 8045 or 1045 propellor with a 3 ch config... Please tell whether this much power is enough or I need to make other plane
  4. rcwees

    Simple Cub uncontrolable on the ground

    so ive built a simple cub and i have had a sucessful hand launch when i was at a field but now im n the desert and cant land anywhere, so i made landing gear and it just spins out on the ground to the left everytime, ive tried slow takeoffs fast takeoffs and nothing. i have a c pack since i want...
  5. N

    Simple Cub seems under-powered

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on any forum let alone the FliteTest one so that just shows how desperate I am :p I scratch built an FT Simple Cub (my first build) using a cheap A2212-6 22000kV motor, ESC and prop bundle from Amazon. I also preemptively bought a 3s 3000mah battery...
  6. FlyingDebris

    FT Simple Cub on Skis!!!!

    So I finally got a good day to try out the skis on the ft simple cub. I hope you enjoy!!Ft Simple Cub skis
  7. CarolineTyler

    FT Simple Cub....already building my 2nd ;)

    All printed and stuck down using a very light dusting of mounting spray glue onto two A1 sheets of 5mm foam board... ...just the thing for a relaxing bank holiday weekend :) Caroline