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ft store

  1. Incader

    New FT P-40

    Hey @SP0NZ There is a new plane out, the p-40. ;) And I was wondering if there was a 3D printable spinner for it?;)
  2. R

    Flite Fest 2019 speed build kits

    A friend and I are coming to Flite Fest OH again and we were wondering if anybody knows if the Kraken speedbuild kit will be available in the FT store this year. We are planning on building a plane to carry a ham radio repeater for extended periods of time and I've wanted to build a Kraken for...
  3. F

    Package drop HELP

    I am looking to drop a small 250g package from a plane that can be purchased through the FT store. It will be dropped by a servo and rubber band combination. I need help with picking a plane from the FT store, it needs to be able to carry the small package and preferably be a thrown take off...