1. colorex

    Balsa Funbat

    So I wanted to make a balsa version of the Funbat - because I like balsa construction, and I like making drawings, and the Funbat is such an awesome plane. Here is a slightly downscaled Funbat that I built with foam a couple of years ago. I flew it only a couple of times before...
  2. T

    The Wombat - A 48% size Bloody Wonder

    I'm posting this on behalf of a fellow pilot. He made a Bloody Wonder with a 13in wingspan and it is worth documenting here. There are some pics and a video of this tiny beast. Keep in mind this is the first revision or a prototype of sorts. The CG had to be brought forward a bit and there...
  3. R

    Having A Little Fun

    This video started out as a quick edit showing the maiden flight of the RC Powers X-31 EB. My son and I started goofing around with the editing software.... This was kind of fun...stay tuned, there may be more...