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  1. IMG_20200625_205525287_BURST000_COVER.jpg


    Another glow powered ff at our local Field
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  3. IMG_20200625_205519551_HDR~2.jpg


    Gasser free Flight on it's power stage. (This is my background on my PC)
  4. L

    Gas and glow Mixings/ HHHEEEEEEELP!?

    Hi, i was looking at some gas engines and was wondering a few things.#1 I saw a cox engine that said "25% nitro" does this mean oil or what.#2 What is the mixing of oil to gas for nitro engines?#3 I was looking at a couple of "vintage" engines on ebay. They did not say anything about gas or...
  5. L

    Gas or glow?

    Hi all, i have never flown anything gas or glow and was wondering if y'all could give me a few tips. Like, what are the differences? and what would happen if you put gas in a glow engine?
  6. J

    Engine not working properly. Please help!

    Hi, I'm from an Aerodesign team and we own 2 Magnums .61 XLS engines. We used to attach them to APC 12,25x3,75 propellers because we need to obtain the most thrust available and it was the best propeller for this engine is these considerations. The combination between engine and propeller used...
  7. PeterGregory

    Back to Balsa Roots - Seeking out less covered designs - The Duranita

    While electric foamies from FT got me back into the hobby/sport/obsession of model building/flying in early 2014 - and how it did - I am now running parallel foam and balsa programs. I thought I would write up a build thread on this balsa model in case there is any information that is helpful...
  8. epiper93

    Electric And Glow

    Hey, i'm newer on the forums, i have been in the hobby for a while now, i was wondering if this is just an odd assumption of mine or if others are noticing this too, back about 20 years ago, everyone flew glow, electrics were just starting to come out and they were looked at as garbage, but now...