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go pro

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    Camera mounting techniques and camera angles for FPV camera and Go Pro, Mobius etc

    The short story about how to mount cameras: To make a long story short a few general principles of mounting cameras that i learned from FPVing most of the 9 planes and 2 quads i got: 1. Mount the FPV camera forward and looking down a bit (gives you a much more enjoyable FPV experiance on...
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    Good Aerial Photography Quadcopter

    I plan on doing some aerial photography during the summer, but my only multirotor at the moment is a FPV250L. I want to upgrade to something a little bigger and more reliable. I want to be able to carry a gimbal and gopro as well as my fpv gear (I already have a gopro and fpv gear, but i need to...
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    F450 go pro mount ideas (to exclude the props from the shot).

    Hi All, I've been tinkering with my F450 re-arranging things a little bit. I've also created a anti-jello mount, however I've decided I don't like the props in view. I have been tempted to get a deadcat style frame and transfer over to that, however before i do, does anyone have any ideas...
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    Tarot 2D Gimbal not levelling

    Hi Guys, After a particularly hard landing (read CRASH), my Tarot 2D no longer levels correctly. Well, it seems to level on start up but watching back the footage during flight it leans to the right causing a sloping horizon. It does a really good job of keeping the camera in one position...