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  1. Cpl Goertz

    Goggle advice

    Hi everyone. I ordered a betafpv starter kit 2 which comes with box goggles. I was wondering if it would be worth upgrading to some Fatshark attitude V5's right off the bat or upgrading later. Any help would be fabulous. Thanks Cpl. Goertz
  2. Z

    Just got in to the hobby, and I have no FPV Gear

    I just finished up my first ever quad (5") and have barely been able to fly it due to weather. I have been practising a lot (basically all my free time because it is so much fun) indoors on a little cheap Tiny Whoop type quad (no camera)that I put together. I have been eager to get out and fly...
  3. Snarls

    Modding My Fatshark Goggles (Maybe)

    This past November Hobbyking had countless days of sales, and I was able to pick up a pair of Fatshark Dominator V3s for $100 off! I also got a Quanum HB5808 receiver (LaForge clone) to go along with it. I have been rocking the same pair of Quanum DIY V1 goggles since I started FPV, so this is a...