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group project

  1. wildroots

    Help! aviation board games at flitefest

    activities for the ones who take a brake from the field, I bring 1 of 2 games for use in the main flitetest tent A universe of quick dogfights and fantastical airplanes in a alternate 1930's setting where planes rule and cars drool. a simplified rule set is in the works a card...
  2. Pigfarm1403

    Anybody up for a big project Flite Fest East 2018?

    At Flite Fest East 2017 I brought an 8ft wingspan Lancaster bomber to fly at the event. Although it was a lot of fun I did not get the satisfaction of working with a group of people. I have four escs, four b pack motors, lots of battery's, a cnc machine, and a 3D printer. Is anybody interested...