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hand launch

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    Flag Wire Landing Skids Article

    I have posted a full article on how to make landing skids for hand launched airplanes. They protect the belly, wings and prop from ground contact when landing. I have used them on many of my designs and they have been very effective. Here is a picture of the main landing skid on my Simple...
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    FT-3D Dirt Nap - A preferred weight question

    Today I was intending to maiden the scratch build of the FT-3D. It was a normal day, but it turned out to be my worse flying day out of my 'career'. I had strayed from the recommending build, deciding to use a smaller propeller, .0947EF prop, than the recommending 1200kv motor. I only have the...
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    New DLG available

    Does anyone have one of these on order? Looks like it might be a great entry level DLG. Maybe we could get them to send Flitetest a couple to do build video and flight videos. Looks like a sweet ship. http://www.dream-flight.com/products/libelle-dlg Crashmaster