1. E

    Hi from chile

    hello im esteban i build the A-10 somebody from chile over here talk to me, lets chat about rc planes wa.me/56963469808 ( link for whatsapp, my number is +56963469808) cheers
  2. M

    Hi everybody!! Also tiny cardboard STEM Alpha

    Hello everyone. Newbie here. My father is really into the hobby and tried over years to get me in, sadly we havent been able to keep flying as laws here in Spain have got quite strict. Found out Flite Test and immediately wanted to get flying again. In fact, I got so excited I built myself a...
  3. O

    Receiver to flight controller issue

    Hi there! I'm new to this and have never posted on any forums before so... have mercy! I've never flown or built an fpv quad or any rc things before. I'm dying to do it though! And determined to do so. I'm building an fpv race quad, for the first time, following this guide: I'm using the...
  4. nuevoaqui

    Hello everyone from Spain

    Hello everyone. When I was a little younger, I wanted to fly with real airplanes, but the maximum I got was to fly with a simulator. Today I'm starting to have some white hair and I get the bug of the model airplane, sailing I found the guys in Flite Test and just watching their videos lamente...