help motor

  1. J

    I need a prop

    Hello So I have bought a motor ( the actual link is too long so sorry. This motor recommends a 7030 prop but the problem is that the propeller attachment (I dont know how else to call it :) ) is a screw with an M8 diameter and I only find 7030 propellers with other screw...
  2. FlyerInStyle

    Help with sea angel

    I built a sea angel per the video and from my previous experiences even added cooling holes. I am not going to fly it off of water anyways. Even with all that, my motor keeps cutting out. It was just fine on my last build, the simple cub with the same electronics. I also took it out and tested...
  3. Chancey21

    Question on prop size

    Hi FliteTest, I am currently in the process of building and perfecting my FT Simple Cub with Power Pack B. I bought extra three-bladed props for the motor, but the hole is too small. The motor shaft is too big for the props to fit correctly. I cannot use spacers because they worsen the...