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  1. TheOldMonk

    Help! Ideal weight deviation range for FT Scratch Builds to get similar performance.

    My scratch build FT Simple Scout AUW is 603 grams with 1300 mAh and 665 grams with 1800 mAh - that is 12% & 24% respectively more than what is mentioned on plans i.e. 535 grams. What is the weight deviation range that can be taken in Flitetest scratch builds to get similar Flight performance as...
  2. FlyingMaddLadd

    Im a beginner and i need help with nerves and how to fly!

    Hi there im new to flying and i have a Eletric EPP su-29 and i have had 2 flights and im really nervous now after crashing twice aswell, can u give me advice please thanks :D