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  1. hotbrass2005

    NAZA M Lite vs Ardupilot vs Knockoff APM vs Others?

    I'm planning out a build of an electrohub quad to be used as an AP platform and potentially as an aircraft for getting involved in Airbears. I'm trying to decide on a flight controller, but am not sure which one would be best for me. I'd like to be able to do GPS hold, altitude hold, etc...
  2. A

    Help with HKPilot Mega 2.5

    I've spent close to 100 hours trying to get my FT Bat Bone tricopter flying. I've burnt a DF13 connector and an ESC, and broke one of the arms off and it still hasn't left the ground. While I've been flying and scratch building rc planes a few years, this is my first 'copter', and I'm in over...
  3. A

    HKPilot Mega Uses

    Can not get my brand new HKPilot Mega to connect to my OSX Mavericks, Win 7 Bootcamp or my Vista Toshiba laptop. It does get power and behaves exactly the same as it does if connected to a battery thru the HK Power Module. Anyone else on here familiar with this? I've probably spent 20 hours on...