hobbyzone champ

  1. CatholicFlyer

    High Winds Have Returned Daily To Western Kansas, How To Make A Bigger Champ Plane?

    the way the weather is right now and for some time, it won't look like the little Champ will see air time, which is a bummer. So how does one make a large size champ that won't be blown around? Or is it trademarked and can't be done? I've got a few builds being worked on, but after seeing our...
  2. CatholicFlyer

    Need A New Battery For The Champ

    Well, I thought we got the battery inside after our last wild flight session, went to charge the battery and was not in the box, so can someone point me in the direction of the battery for the Champ? it has a USB charger.
  3. CatholicFlyer

    SOS Controller For Champ Not Right

    Okay, the Champ came, got the controller talking to the plane and everything started fine, then for some reason the stick used for elevator and rudder, became the throttle lever, boy that thing has power, but we can't get the elevators and rudder stick to do it's job, tried flying, dead stick...
  4. CatholicFlyer

    The Champ To Be Delivered Today!

    So excited, it is here and will be delivered today, in my previous posts on learning about how to build a B-52 tandem wing plane, everyone and I agree to start small, so I was thinking if the Champ, if the wing breaks, needs a new wing, what will be the difference flying a v-tandem wing instead...
  5. S

    Hobyzone Transmitter with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 Technology

    Have a brand new hobbyzone transmitter with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 Technology for sale. Got it with Champ RTF (use my DX5e to fly so this has never been used) Looking to get $25 shipped OBO.
  6. T

    cg or trim issue...

    so.... Right now I'm 15 years old and a noob in this awesome hobby. I bought myself a hobbyzone champ because everybody tells it's a good beginner plane... Well, I soon found out that even what people call a beginner plane isn't even that easy to fly. I already have a great nano qx and know...