1. dacostasr

    Hovercraft from FT article plans

    Not sure in this the right spot for this, if not feel free to move it. I saw this in a FT video. I have a bunch of electronic laying around so here it is... figured it would be a quick fun build. Still working on it. Here it is so far.
  2. sms021

    Hovercraft Time? Plans and photos

    So I recently found Peter’s hover craft video and downloaded the PDF to find it quite sparse and lacking details. I believe the plan was just a starting point to help people understand the concept, but I was hoping for something a little more detailed. So I made some, full size PDF plans...
  3. J

    FT Cruiser converted to hovercraft

    FT Explorer converted to hovercraft Hi all, I thought I'd share an idea that I had. Since lots of the planes in the builds are modular, what other uses have you found for them? Here is a video of an FT Explorer that my son and I converted into an airsled for the snow and a hovercraft...
  4. C

    Motor Constraints

    Trying to Find Motor Hi all, This is my first post on this forum (any forum for that matter) and I am pretty new to this rc business. I am currently building a hovercraft for a competition, and am having trouble finding a motor that meets the given constraints. The motor has to be brushed and...
  5. R

    Gooney Bird Hovercraft, based on Peter's design

    Just finished building 2nd hovercraft. Used FT Foam and some elements of recent FT builds. More durable and water resistant.
  6. H

    Help with my hovercraft build

    Hey guys I need some help with my hovercraft that I'm making. It's very similar to the one shown on Flitetest a few weeks ago. I'm trying to attach my forward thrust motor to my elevator channel. Everytime I try, it just cycles through the arming process over and over again. I tried changing...
  7. B

    swappable hovercraft

    Hi everyone, new to this forum as well as the diy aspect of the hobby. built my first plane not to long ago. It was the FT flyer. Super easy to build and fly even for a first time flyer. We live on a very tight budget so just coming up with enough money for the one model was tough so i...