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    P-17 Bottle Plane 'Build Video' (wing support section)

    I've just uploaded this to YouTube (my first 'build video'), so first port of call thereafter is of course the Flite Test forums... P-17 Bottle Plane build (wing support section) I just posted under "Videos" section but having just seen the title of this forum ("Mad Scratch Builders Corner")...
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    P-17 Bottle Plane (introduction)

    A more detailed step by step video build video coming along very soon. Meanwhile here's an introduction..! P-17 Bottle Plane intro :)
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    P-17 Bottle Plane - Big and easy slow flier takes to the skies again...

    Constructed from standard 2 litre plastic bottles with the wing and tail made from foamboard, she might not win any beauty prizes..... but this bird flies. An easy to follow build video is following along very soon. Thanks for watching. ...Paul Knights (Isle of Wight, UK) P-17 Bottle...
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    Radian glider over the Isle of Wight coastline

    Combining my interest in film & photography, RC planes.... and just messing about outdoors.... "One Last Flight..." short film 'hope you enjoy. :)