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  1. MarioGdV

    Foam-Planes flyer wants to start in balsa kits

    All the plane's I've flown are made out of foam. I was thinking in build a balsa plane after designing my own foam plane, and that's what I was doing until my PC crashed. I'm currently getting it repaired, but it will take a few weeks and I surely won't be able to recover the data, including the...
  2. BanditJacksRC

    Swapable Suggestion - J-3 Cub or Super Cub

    Hello! Let me start off by saying I am a huge FT fan and love what FliteTest does for the RC hobby/community. The FT designs are amazing, and have helped me find a new love for designing and building RC planes of all types. I just wanted to throw this out there.. I think if FT designed and...