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  1. Snarls

    Modding My Fatshark Goggles (Maybe)

    This past November Hobbyking had countless days of sales, and I was able to pick up a pair of Fatshark Dominator V3s for $100 off! I also got a Quanum HB5808 receiver (LaForge clone) to go along with it. I have been rocking the same pair of Quanum DIY V1 goggles since I started FPV, so this is a...
  2. M

    LaForge FPV video transmitter compatibility?

    My high school racing team received a donation and I was thinking about getting the LaForge transmitter and receiver. However GETFPV reviews say that the transmitter can't be used without the receiver or remote? -Is that true? Will only the LaForge receiver goggles be able to pick up the signal...
  3. M

    LaForge FPV video transmitter V2

    Our high school FPV racing team (email me sponsors) recieved a couple hundred dollars in donation and were were thinking of getting the LaForge system, but I have some questions regarding the compatibility. Reviews on GETFPV say that the video transmitter only works with the Laforge reciever...