1. Planiac01

    Large Scale Foamboard Cessna 180

    Okay, So after seeing the two Flex Innovaiton 170's at FFE17, I have decided I want to do a foamboard version. I chose 180 because I couldn't find suitable 170 blueprints. Anyways, I was wondering if I could get a few tips. I have built a few large scale planes in the past. My favorite by...
  2. N

    Large FPV quadcopter / octacopter

    Hi everyone, As some may know I do a lot of Aerial photography work and currently have a medium sized hex which comfortably lifts a gopro and gimbal however I have a larger gimbal used for NEX sized camera's and small DSLR's and already have 4225-390 motors made for 15-18 inch props and some 40...