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  1. CustomRCMods

    City Official tries to get me to stop flying my plane... it didn't work. (VIDEO)

    Hey Guys, was just doing some testing on my FT Bloody wonder when I was approached by a City Representative saying that I was flying illegally and needed to stop. Keep in mind I have been in the hobby for years and years and flying at this very field almost every day without issue. Check it out...
  2. D

    Studying for / Acquiring the Part 107

    Part 107 Hey Guys/Gals, Upon request, I am going to document my voyage on studying for and acquiring the Part 107 unmanned aircraft license. To get started, I am going to share a few links from Ruppercht Law P.A., a solid Drone Law Attorney that has a very savvy subscription newsletter that...
  3. Epitaph

    Asking for your help

    Hello everybody. I am here with my hat in my hand as they say to ask of you all a huge favour. As you al well know, you are all under the hammer in the States with the new FAA ruling and I have spread the word here in Spain amongst the forums I am on, and people have signed from the on the...
  4. R


    Greetings to all. I am new to Flitetest forum. Flitetest is certainly a great group promoting the RC hobby- Kudos to Chad, Josh, Josh, Alex and the rest of the staff. I do, however, bear some bad news: the North Carolina General Assembly has proposed anti-UAV legislation which could have a...