lost plane

  1. B

    Don't test fly on a windy day, you may live to regret it!

    Had a couple of test flights of my latest foamboard creation the other day, RM1 supersonic fighter, an easy build from online plans. CoG was spot on and the glide was superb, I was confident it was going to fly very well. The test flights did not go well. 😭. 1st day it was almost...
  2. Andre

    RC Plane Rescue Mission

    Sunday morning as we were wrapping up the FTAH podcast I got an email from my Dad. He'd gone out the field to fly before me... I am back, lost the skipper at the edge of the bushes, so I will go back after lunch with snow shoes to get it, I have a good idea, but the snow is way too deep...
  3. B

    I'm Bummed Out To Say The Least.

    I am relatively new to the hobby and really enjoy it but today really bummed me out. I spent all night last night repairing the first Flitetest swappable I built, the Old Fogey. I built this plane originally about six months ago and have really enjoyed the high wing slow flyer. Today I may...