1. WindWalkerFPV

    Eachine Goggles One - 5.8G 40CH 1080p HDMI FPV Goggles

    I'm in the market for a good first pair of FPV goggles. The Fat Shark Attitude V3's are at the top of my list and a bit over budget. Whats Flite Test's opinion on the new Eachine GogglesOne? FOV 78 degrees No IPD Range Necessary (One Screen) 1920 x 1080P Display No 3D Support 5.8G, 40...
  2. F

    Bubble Blowing

    Hi all, Inspired a bit by the candy plane, as a kid-friendly payload, how about a scratch build 'machine' for blowing bubbles from r/c? At a stretch, it could maybe be helpful to visualise turbulence and wind patterns at different heights and around structures? I've seen a couple of mass...